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What’s next? Moving to Singapore for new adventures!

Benjamin Gauthey, moving to Asia

Almost 3 years ago, I landed in Seattle. Time flies. More than 5 years at Microsoft. In 24 hours, a new page of my life will turn again, and this time for Asia.

Looking back, a lot happened, from both a personal and professional stand point. Discovering a whole new country and culture; I started kite-surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding and more. Seattle, city of Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, and Bruce Lee (name dropping Winking smile) but more importantly, a city with talented people! Honestly, a great place to live in that I will definitely miss (except the rain…).

Leading the digital marketing for Microsoft’s Startup Business Group, I’ve participated in launching approximately 10 new Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Tag, Microsoft Hohm, and Microsoft MultiPoint Server. What a blast! I’ve worked with amazing people from whom I learned so much, but I’m also getting older … what they call experience. Smile Thanks to all of you, and especially to Marja Koopmans and the SBG team!

Now, it’s time to pursue a new quest in Asia, and more exactly in Singapore, to take on the digital marketing lead. Still at Microsoft, in Asia and the South pacific; 12 countries across all products.

Looking forward to meeting great people again, discovering new trends and new startups…

See you in GMT +8

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