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Infographic – Accelerating Cloud in Asia Pacific by Microsoft

This blog is about technology and digital marketing. Legacy of a Startup Software engineer, who has moved over the years to marketing. I’ve started @ Microsoft 6 years ago, a bit before all the industry push/trend to the cloud. Back 3 years ago, I was all over Live Mesh, remember this video? Today, based in Singapore, I’m now leading the Digital marketing for the Asia and Pacific region, and so have the opportunity to share with you my journey to the Cloud.

As discussed few weeks ago, in a post related to Social Media optimization: a great way to share a lot of data and make it consumable is to leverage charticle or infographic. The latest one release below is a infographic sharing a research done in collaboration between Sprinboard Research and Microsoft, showing the “accelerating cloud in Asia and Pacific”.

Cloud infographics for Asia and Pacific by Microsoft

Also, some take away from this research:

  • 49% of respondents in Asia are planning Cloud implementation within the next 18 months
  • All respondents in Australia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines said they have cloud adoption plans
  • Majority of ASEAN respondents believe North American and Europe are more advanced in cloud understanding and adoption.
  • 48% of APAC organisations rated themselves moderate to low level of understanding between public and private clouds and this impacts how they adopt cloud.
  • Korea for example is the lagged of cloud adoption with only 15% using cloud whilst Australia has 35%.

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