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Where do I get all this love from? Microsoft Tag announces the Heat Map!

You can find a lot of information about Microsoft Tag on this blog. I like to share great product features. Microsoft related or not.  Few days ago, we’ve just announced a new feature: The Microsoft Tag Heat Map which allows users to get more specific information about their Microsoft Tag scans such as Where were they scanned? How many time?

Get all those visualization data through Bing maps:


Microsoft Tag owners are able to scroll over the world and dive deeper in to an appropriate location. The two screenshots represent where did happen the scans related to the Microsoft Tag on my business card. I can deep dive to a street level to see where people find my Tag. As you can see, a lot of scans happen in Paris, wondering why …


If you don’t show up on this map yet, scan the Microsoft Tag below Smile

Business Card with Microsoft Tag

Where to start? Go on Microsoft Tag now, create your tag for free and put it out there, then check your map!

To follow the latest about Microsoft Tag, follow us on Twitter: @microsofttag

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