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May 06 2011

Infographic – Accelerating Cloud in Asia Pacific by Microsoft

This blog is about technology and digital marketing. Legacy of a Startup Software engineer, who has moved over the years to marketing. I’ve started @ Microsoft 6 years ago, a bit before all the industry push/trend to the cloud. Back 3 years ago, I was all over Live Mesh, remember this video? Today, based in Singapore, I’m now leading the Digital marketing for the Asia and Pacific region, and so have the opportunity to share with you my journey to the Cloud.

As discussed few weeks ago, in a post related to Social Media optimization: a great way to share a lot of data and make it consumable is to leverage charticle or infographic. The latest one release below is a infographic sharing a research done in collaboration between Sprinboard Research and Microsoft, showing the “accelerating cloud in Asia and Pacific”.

Cloud infographics for Asia and Pacific by Microsoft

Also, some take away from this research:

  • 49% of respondents in Asia are planning Cloud implementation within the next 18 months
  • All respondents in Australia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines said they have cloud adoption plans
  • Majority of ASEAN respondents believe North American and Europe are more advanced in cloud understanding and adoption.
  • 48% of APAC organisations rated themselves moderate to low level of understanding between public and private clouds and this impacts how they adopt cloud.
  • Korea for example is the lagged of cloud adoption with only 15% using cloud whilst Australia has 35%.

To learn more about Microsoft and our cloud solutions, visit our Cloud Power website.

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September 21 2010

Where do I get all this love from? Microsoft Tag announces the Heat Map!

You can find a lot of information about Microsoft Tag on this blog. I like to share great product features. Microsoft related or not.  Few days ago, we’ve just announced a new feature: The Microsoft Tag Heat Map which allows users to get more specific information about their Microsoft Tag scans such as Where were they scanned? How many time?

Get all those visualization data through Bing maps:


Microsoft Tag owners are able to scroll over the world and dive deeper in to an appropriate location. The two screenshots represent where did happen the scans related to the Microsoft Tag on my business card. I can deep dive to a street level to see where people find my Tag. As you can see, a lot of scans happen in Paris, wondering why …


If you don’t show up on this map yet, scan the Microsoft Tag below Smile

Business Card with Microsoft Tag

Where to start? Go on Microsoft Tag now, create your tag for free and put it out there, then check your map!

To follow the latest about Microsoft Tag, follow us on Twitter: @microsofttag

May 27 2010

Microsoft Tag no longer in Beta and 1 billion Tag printed

What a week! It’s great to be a Micrsoftee in the SBG group: Startup Business Group.

After launching a major update for Microsoft Hohm yesterday announcing an energy score for every single home in the country, today, it’s about Microsoft Tag.

Microsoft Tag is officially coming out of beta with 1 billion Tag out there, check out where you can find a Microsoft Tag:


Coming out of beta we’ve updated our website, the Tag Campaign Manager and improved our Tag Reader clients and also introduced some cool new features that will enhance customers’ ability to create, execute and track creative Tag campaigns:

  • A device ID feature will allow marketers to deliver a more personalized consumer experience across multiple Tags. For example, consumers can now receive customized content, such as a coupon or other offer from a retail outlet, based on Tags they’ve previously scanned
  • A new .tag file format will make it easier to print and manage a large number of different Tags as part of a broad campaign deployment. Developers of professional printing programs can now generate the Tag graphic on the fly as part of their solution
  • Tag has always been available worldwide and has been distributed and deployed globally. We have added localization in five new languages which include: French, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Italian
  • And finally, we will be introducing a beta Heat Map feature in the next few days, available in the Tag Campaign Manager, that will help companies better measure Tag usage by location and make more informed decisions about their Tag campaigns and overall marketing spend

You can find more about how to implement these features and more over at the Microsoft Tag website.

Try it right now, download the new Microsoft Tag reader on your phone by going on http://gettag.mobi/ and scan this Tag:

Benjamin Gauthey Business Card with Microsoft Tag

If you have any feedback, feel free to reach us on our Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter

May 26 2010

What is your Microsoft Hohm score? Mine is 61! Saving energy and money now!

My Microsoft Hohm score is 61!:-)

Another great day, we’re proud to announce a major milestone from Microsoft hohm:

Starting today, more than 60 million homeowners will be able to answer one simple question: “Am I an energy hog or an energy miser?” Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of the Hohm Score, an estimate of a home’s energy efficiency, offered as part the company’s free online home energy management tool, Microsoft Hohm. By simply typing in an address at http://www.microsoft-hohm.com, anyone can see the Hohm Score for almost any home in the United States.

“The Hohm Score provides an easy way for anyone to measure their home energy efficiency, and compare with others.  It’s important to note that the average Hohm Score here in the US is a failing grade,” said Troy Batterberry, product unit manager of Microsoft Hohm. “Fortunately, by making some simple changes to your household, consumers can easily achieve a passing mark, and save tens of billions of dollars each and every year.”

Hohm Scores are calculated by comparing a home’s actual and potential energy efficiency and is grounded with advanced analytics licensed from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and statistical data from the Department of Energy. In addition to individual scores, Hohm Scores are available by zip code, city and state so anyone can compare their score with others around the country.

Hohm score page

“The Hohm Score is the first step in helping us all make smarter decisions about our home energy use,” said Troy Batterberry, product unit manager of Microsoft Hohm. “If each of the 60 million households improved their Hohm Score by five points, collectively that would equal over $8 billion in savings a year.”

Available today for free to all U.S. residential energy consumers, Hohm is working to help everyone save energy and money by offering insight into home energy usage and by providing personalized recommendations. Hohm has established partnerships with utilities and the Ford Motor Co. and is actively working with these partners to realize a long-term vision of connecting just about anything that uses energy to help automate and optimize energy use for consumers.


The top 10 green places to live in the United States:



Check out your address now:


If you have any questions, ask us on Twitter and Facebook!

Share your Hohm Score, mine is 61!

May 09 2010

Web 2.0 Expo SF 2010 - Notes and thoughts

Back from the Web 2.0 Expo Sf 2010 based in San Francisco, you’ll find below a couple of notes from the sessions but also some take away, quotes and top podcasts.


Take away:

  • Startup Release rhythm is 1 week (Farmville / Dropbox / Facebook / Twitter / Google / …….., specs writing is the old model)
  • Everything start with a great product, better your product is, less money you’ll spend in Marketing including PR / Advertising!
  • One has become many! Turn your users to advocates(invite your friends, “sent from my iPhone”, get extra points…)
  • You make a product for your audience not for your ego


Favorite quotes:

  • “Even if you are smarted than me, if I update my product every week and you every month, you dead! – Eric Ries
  • “Failure is a great quality equalizer” from Eric Ries who spent 6/7 months focusing on code quality and features instead of building a product that people wanted
  • “Every time you improve your product experience by 10%, you increase by 50% your loyal users” - Drew Houston (Dropbox)

Must see podcast from the Expo:

Notes from sessions:


SEO: From Soup to Nuts Eric Enge (Stone Temple Consulting), Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz), Stephan Spencer (Covario), Jessie Stricchiola (Alchemist Media, Inc.)
From Zero to One Million Users Drew Houston (Dropbox), Adam Smith (Xobni)
  • Saturate your community
  • Media Resonance
    • Have a great product
    • Invite People
    • Share with your friends
    • Books: “Inbound Marketing”
    • Every time you make your product experience 10% easier, you increase by 50% your loyal users
    • Start simple and add feature after gathering feedback
    • Email to get people back
    • Usertesting.com to come to test your website
    • Make people to give feedback via survey, rating system
    • Make your product turns users to Evangelists
      • “Sent from my iPad” every time someone send an email from their iPad
      • Social game – Invite friends to make more points
      • Share with my friends on FB, Twitter….
  • SEM is good on an ongoing base
  • Search impact the whole business funnel

November 16 2009

Announcing Freudit.com, the place to share and interpret your dreams!


Freudit.com, share and interpret your dreams!


It's been a while since my last post. Busy working and practicing Kitesurfing :)

That's it? Actually, no! I've been working with 3 friends on an idea that today is taking life! Freudit.com, a place to share and interpret your dreams! 

Dreams have been called names, ranging from "the royal road to the unconscious" (Freud), to " a royal case of indigestion!" (anonymous).

The average person has about 3 to 5 dreams per night, some up to 7 dreams in one night. During a full 8-hour sleep, roughly 2 hours are spent dreaming...

Freudit is a "social dreamscape"- a community, and social network where our "waking sleep" gets to enjoy a "second life", through the " insightful", and sometimes " hilarious" interpretation of fellow dreamers.

Freudit offers us the potential to go sheep-riding into our internal landscapes... We "are" what we think...what if we "become" what we dream?

For all those who love puzzles, enjoy a fun ride, and wouldn't mind digging "on-line" for some " off-line" answers, Freudit is the answer!

Freudit's Dream Team

Follow us on Twitter:@freudit

Become a Facebook fan here

Write us: info@freudit.com

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